create a number of explanatory tourism distribution systems (diagrams, tables,

charts and other related methods to describe this area of tourism) models and submit in a portfolio.

Data will be drawn from student research, hands on experience and presentation information.

Students are to submit a portfolio that visually describes a segment or function of the tourism

distribution system. Students may use their topic from Assessment 1 as the basis for the portfolio. In

the portfolio the following items should be included:

Text that explains and describes the segment or function (equivalent)

An overall diagram of the system itself

A breakdown of the key stakeholders within the TDS (stakeholder map)

An historical timeline of development, key dates and other related milestones

A visual overview of the segment or function identifying key elements and forces within that

description that control and impact on that entity

A flowchart showing the location and movement of products and or services within the TDS as

associated with the segment or function

Charts or tables that explain size and reach (economic, financial, geographic, political information) of

that segment or function

A diagram of the key attributes associated with that segment or function showing degrees or level of

influence (radar diagram)

Any other inclusions such as logos, images or information that informs on the segment or function

A reference list of sources for the segment or function (minimum of 10 references)

Presentation Style/Format: Students can use their own preferred presentation software (except

PowerPoint). Examples to consider are Moodle Mahara, Infographic tools (Piktochart, Canva,

Venngage, Infogram) or Prezi. The portfolio should have a web page look and feel.


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