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Evidence-Based Clinical Question Search Assignment


The purpose of this Assignment is to give you a practical application to implement your PICOT idea, supported by the evidence-based research you have obtained in during your systematic review. You will apply evidence-based research findings discovered from your clinical question, and then integrate those to support your suggested change in nursing practice.


Identify your refined PICOT question.

Using PubMed and the Cochrane collaboration database, do a systematic review of your clinical question.

Describe your systematic review and include an errors analysis.

Determine an evidence-based quantitative article from the search that contains an evidence-based randomized control trial.

Summarize the case study selected.

Describe the study approach, sample size, and population studied.

Apply the evidence from this review to your practice specifically in your overview.

Evaluate the outcomes, identifying the validity and reliability.

Discuss if the study contained any bias.

Determine the level of evidence identified in the review.

The length should be no less than 10 Pages in APA format.

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