Please find an article on a current event that deals with the social and cultural issues leaders in health care face. Write an analysis of ethics and ethical responsibilities in health care. Include answers to the following questions:

– What is the issue?
– How was it handled?
– What was the outcome?
– As a future health care leader, how would you deal with this issue?


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Elderly abuse in nursing homes remains a concern, though legislation has been established to
prevent it from occurring. The intent of the Nursing Home Reform Act 1987 is to eliminate abuse,
neglect, and other maltreatment of elderly residing in nursing homes. The effort has failed in achieving
its goal, based on reports from individual states and opinions of those working closely with nursing
home staff. Administrators and independent ombudsmen believe that over half the cases of elderly
abusing occurring in nursing homes goes unreported (Jogerst, Daly, and Hartz, in Kinney, 2012). One of
the main reasons cited for lack of reporting and for the occurrence of abuse is lack of training for staff
working directly with the elderly, providing direct care in some capacity.

Lack of training allows incidents of elderly abuse to continue. However, some demographics
Increase the risk that an elderly person will be abused in a nursing home or long term care facility. Low
Income, residing in an urban facility, not having a living spouse, and requiring more care from others are
all risk factors related to elder abuse (Kinney, 2012). Though some risk factors are more prevalent in
homecare settings those in nursing homes can suffer from the same types of abuse. Kinney categorizes
the types of abuse as physical, emotional, sexual, …

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