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Using everything you have learned in Photoshop, create a collage/photo illustration.

Your final composition should be a collage-style illustration that combines at least six separate photos, scanned objects, or other graphic elements. There are just a few guidelines that I will give you about what must be included:

  • One element must be a hand-drawn object or hand-written text.
  • One element needs to be a graphic texture that you apply perhaps as a background. It can be scanned into the computer or found on-line.
  • One element needs to be a photo your have taken.

With the exception of the hand-drawn element and the photo you must take yourself, you can find your other imagery where ever you want. They can be additional photos you take or scan in, they can be pulled from the web, or they can be images others have taken. The only caveat is, you must credit every image. If it is an image you scan in, I want to know where the original came from. If you find it on the web, I want the web address you pulled it from. Hopefully you get the drift. In the Comments section of the assignment, I would like a listing of all images and where they came from.

You need to make sure that any image you pull from the web is of sufficient resolution for your final image.

You can determine the final size of the file but it needs to be at least 9” x 6” (or 6″ x 9″) at 240 ppi. RGB is fine for the image mode.

This project is intended to allow you to show off your Photoshop skills while creating an image that is of interest to you. I am very flexible with the final image, I just want to see the best technical skills you can muster.

Choose a theme for your piece. Use images that are symbolic representations to create a story around that theme. I would like for you to work within one of the following conceptual ideas:

  • Create an image that tells a story about some important event in your life.
  • Create a self portrait that tells us something about you as a person, your likes and dislikes, aspirations, etc. This should not simply be a picture of you, instead use other objects or elements that represent you.
  • Create a collage that comments on a current political, social or cultural theme you feel strongly about.

When you are finished, name the file <your name> Final.psd. Save the file as a Photoshop file. Attach it to this assignment. Don’t forget your photo credits in the comments section!


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