the title of the study: An exploration of the apparent reluctance of people to access mental health

services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

objectives would be researched:

1­ Offer further understanding of the nature of mental health stigma in KSA;

2­ Explore the barriers that people may experience in accessing mental health services in KSA;

3­ Discover the influence of cultural/religious beliefs on people’s understanding of mental illness;

4­ Give people a voice to narrate their own stories of experiencing their mental health journey

(through barriers, and facilitators to access mental health services treatment, through to survival,

recovery or relapse).

Philosophical underpinning of qualitative narrative study(write in details about epistemology,

ontology and methods from the view of Paul Ricœur=a narrative philosopher and bind his view with

social construction language in term of what people mean by detailed content”, those two views

should finally meet philosophically in forming IDENTITY CONSTRUCTION PHILOSOPHY( at this

context explain how the identity of mental health people could construct during the narrative

interview” storytelling”( the empirical, real and actual levels of study) through various of identity

such as illness identity, recovery or survivor identity. at the last, please write the ontology

epistemology in the schedule

please find the important references to use in addition to your references

Ricoeur, P. & Thompson, J. B. 1981. Hermeneutics and the human sciences: Essays on language,

action and interpretation, Cambridge university press.

Ricoeur, P. 1987. The Teleological and Deontological Structures of Action: Aristotle and/or Kant?

Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture Series, 21, 99­111.

Langdridge, D. & Butt, T. 2004. A hermeneutic phenomenological investigation of the construction

of sadomasochistic identities. Sexualities, 7, 31­53.

Langdridge, D. 2007. Phenomenological Psychology: Theory, Research and Method, Pearson



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