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This is a group project but we are only doing certain parts

This portion I need by tomorrow but it only has to be 1 to 2 paragraphs.

During Phase 1, each individual will submit their own idea for an innovation along with a model they find useful for evaluating its merits. Each team member is responsible for completing research on various models. While there are several models in circulation for evaluating innovations, such as The Lean StartUp Plan, NOMMAR, SNIFF, and the linear and mental models of innovation, innovators should not feel constrained by any particular model. Feel free to borrow elements from multiple models to develop one that would work best to most effectively evaluate your own innovation.

This portion is not needed until Saturday, once we decide as group whose idea were using I’ll let you know so you will know how to answer the question I’m responsible for answering.

As a group we will submit our innovation ideas by tomorrow and choose which one we will go with. Once we choose which one we are going with we have to write a paper but we are all assigned a question we must answer and write about for the paper within 300 – 500 words with 1 reference.

Question I would be responsible for answering once we decide on whose innovation idea we will write about.

  • Identification of the selected idea for the project accompanied by a description of the model used to evaluate the idea. Include the results of the evaluation, which will serve as the justification for the team’s selection. Preliminarily forecast the most significant challenges that could impede the development of the selected idea.


It was a tie between my idea and Stephanie’s. Sydnee put my name and Stephanie’s name in a random picker generator and it chose Stephanie. As a team we will move forward with Stephanie’s idea.

We will now work on our portions of the paper that has to be 1,500 – 2,500 words with a total of 5 references. Each person should have at least 1 reference and should be able to write their portion between 300 – 500 words. The leader will then put the entire paper together, make proper edits required, and turn the final assignment in.

Stephanie’s Innovation Idea – Touch Free Elevator

My idea for innovation is creating a touch-free elevator to have many people touching buttons, inside and out. Elevator buttons and side rails are a potential risk if your hands become contaminated and you touch your face. The idea is for the elevator to have a foot-activated elevator buttons to call for the elevator to open or come to you, if not at that floor. The elevator will be designed to have no contact with germs making it as safe as possible. The elevator will also have a sensor between the doors to sensor how many individuals are coming in and out of the elevator as well as stating if it has the maximum capacity. Once an individual is inside, the elevator have a record of the people who has entered, and in that order, the elevator will allow each person to speak onto what floor they are going to.

The purpose of this idea is to design a form a transport inside a building, germ free and hands free. The elevator will also take a break every hour to self dis-infect with disinfectant spray inside the elevator when no one is there. It will then be ready to allow people to enter again. The disinfecting should only take a few seconds to one minute to not delay time for a person to use. Allowing a system as such will give people the sense of comfort and safety and will feel like the companies that invest in such innovation truly care about the health and welfare for people.

I will be using NOMMAR to evaluate my innovation idea.

N: Customer Need? (Someone will want it)

The is something is will not eliminate germs completely, however in a space with there is constant traffic and touching and we NEED to be able to take a step to eliminate germs being that there was such a huge outbreak and scared many people to go out and do daily tasks.

O: Technology options (someone can meet the need)

The way technology is today, there are so many things that are digital and so technology advanced. Many things are already touch-free.

M: potential market? (Someone will pay)

Having such innovation can make more people feel comfortable in going to the companies or building that inside an elevator. Especially those who are wheelchair bound. They would feel safer that they do not have to risk getting germs in an enclosed space by touching buttons as well as the elevator holding a certain amount capacity.

M: business model (someone could do it)

This could be big in the industry because it one building will have it, and will have the business being people friendly and SAFE friendly, they are considering everyone’s safety and making the ride enjoyable at the same time. The other building are going to want to have the same.

A: realistic approach (we could do it)

It is a matter of redesigning with the latest technology and investing money and the safety of people. It is very much changing the traditional look of elevators however, we are now living in a world outbreaks can happen and affect people, revenue yet, still have the technology to make an effort to the world a safer place.

R: Relevant (we should do it)

Due to the generation we are in, now is the time to use our technology resources to make things more modern and convenient. Touch free and germ free is what is in!

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