e I would like you to write a personal statement to top up my degree in Public Health and

community studies (Ba Honours.

I worked as Health Care assistant

Studied Access to Health Professional Studies Diploma to develop my skills in Biology, Sociology,

Mathematics, Psychology, English, and IT.

I graduate with Bsc Health Care Practice. The modules I did: Professional values and academic skills,

Nursing Practice and decision making, Health in Society, Nursing in society, Professional Values and

evidence based values, Adult Nursing Practice 1, 2 and 3, Adult Academic and Practice Enquiry and

Policy Politics and Nursing. During this course I had a couple of placement in hospital and


I am a team player, always ready to step in where required, and provide leadership if need be. I am a

sociable person

During my free time, I care for my family members, neighbours, and church members


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