ü  Cover page

ü  Table of content

ü  References

ü  Please use 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double-space

ü  3 sections: Section 1 (Article 1), section 2 (article 2), section 3 (recommnedations)


Please keep in mind that we cannot research our topic (ethics) in isolation. It’s better to think of these journal articles as describing ethics as an “input-process-output” model. This simply means that ethical decision making is impacted by many variables, and in order for us to understand our decisions, we must understand what influences them.


When writing about the articles (i.e., step 2), GO INTO DETAIL.


Proper literature review tips:

1.    The review should follow the flow of the article (but ignore the Methods and Results sections in your review).

2.    Define the key terms, theories, etc.

3.    Do not write or list the hypotheses or propositions. Instead, describe how the author(s) developed these.

4.    The Discussion/Conclusion section(s) will explain what the authors found.

5.    Please make sure that you write this in your own words (do not extensively use direct quotations). Failing to do this (or simply changing adjectives) will be considered a breach of the academic honesty policy. Instead, I suggest you read the article in its entirety (again, skip the Methods/Results sections). Next, read the first section. Then, put the article down and write what you remember. “Clean up” your writing by reviewing the article for any missed concepts. Yes, it is ok to quote key definitions. Other than that, too many quotes will make it a paper of quotes (not your own work).

6.    You will notice that the authors will refer to many other authors. However, you should write everything in terms of the journal articles you’re reading. In other words, don’t include any other authors in your review.




In short, you will:

·         read a case,

·         read three journal articles focused on ethics,

·         provide a (detailed) literature review of two of the journal articles (not the case), and

·         offer recommendations in regards to how the knowledge gained from the journal articles help resolve an issue within the case.


ü  Best of Intentions Case – I will attach

Journal articles:

ü  Gaudine, A., & Thorne, L. (2001). Emotion and ethical decision-making in organizations. Journal of Business Ethics, 31(2), 175-187. I will attach

ü  Ladkin, D. (2006). When deontology and utilitarianism aren’t enough: How Heidegger’s notion of “dwelling” might help organisational leaders resolve ethical issues. Journal of Business Ethics, 65(1), 87-98. I will attach

ü  Schumann, P. (2001). A moral principles framework for human resource management ethics. Human Resource Management Review, 11, 93-111. I will attach


Format of paper*

Gaudine & Thorne (2001) Review

Ladkin (2006) Review



Do not mix reviews. Write completely about Article 1 before moving to Article 2.


Your article reviews should only include the key facts from the article, not examples from your personal experiences or the case.


In the Recommendations section:

1.    Apply Schumann’s (2001) ‘Framework of moral principles’ (Table 1, p.106-07) (I will attach). In other words, if you were Cynthia, what action would you take based on this framework? (While this article should not be included as one of your 2 article reviews, be sure to convince me that you read and understood the article and framework.)

2.    Apply the concepts and theories of the articles you reviewed. What do they tell us about the case? For example, what does Gaudine & Thorne (2001) tell us about the role of emotions in this case.

3.    In general, there are no right/wrong responses. I won’t grade your work on your ability to choose a particular action. Instead, I’m more concerned with your ability to apply (link) what you read/reviewed/learned from the articles. This will help me assess your understanding of the concept.


** Only articles from the following list journal list will be accepted:

Academy of Management Journal

Journal of Organizational Change Management

Academy of Management Review

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Administrative Science Quarterly

Journal of Psychology

Business Ethics Quarterly

Journal of Vocational Behavior

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Leadership and Organization Development Journal

Human Relations

Leadership Quarterly

Human Resource Management

Management Decision

Journal of Applied Psychology

Organization Science

Journal of Business Ethics

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Journal of Business Research

Organizational Dynamics

Journal of Business Venturing

Organizational Research Methods

Journal of Management

Personnel Psychology

Journal of Organizational Behavior

Strategic Management Journal

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