Give your view of how great an opportunity a certain business presents in terms of; the idea, the market, the people, the resources and the deal. 

How attractive a business opportunity does this business present?

– The ‘opportunity’ is the starting point of entrepreneurship. The ability to assess the pros and cons of a business opportunity is an essential first
step in building a successful new venture. Opportunities are not the same for everyone, what might be good for one person may not suit another.
– Using the lecture notes and any other information you may have; present an analysis of the opportunity represented by ONE of the first businesses that have been discussed in the guest lectures
– NB Only choose a company you have enough to talk about!
– The specific question to answer is: How attractive a business opportunity does this business present? 

Some factors to consider in assessing the opportunity:
▪ Market (size, growth etc)
▪ Competition
▪ Fit with skills (people)
▪ Other resources
▪ Financing
▪ Etc, etc

Please focus on the company CMT: see the attached: Jacks.UCL.CMT.Presentation.pdf

Does your essay require any of the following additional parts?
Graphics, tables, diagrams (referenced)

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