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Create a PP of 7-8 slides presenting your State of the Science Quality Improvement Paper which includes:

  1. Title slide
  2. Objectives slide is related to the objectives of your specific SOS presentation, include 2-3 objectives.
    • This should speak to what you want the participant to learn about your SOS presentation.
  3. Final slide with a list of references
  4. The 7-8 slides refer to the body of the presentation and does not include the title slide, objectives slide, or the references slide. 
  5. You will use this PP with Kaltura to present the project with audio as you would at a professional conference or other “live” presentation.
  6. Remember that the formatting of PP presentations should be brief bulleted items, graphs, pictures or tables.
  7. PP should not be developed with paragraphs of material; the material included on each slide is a topic you speak to during your presentation.
  8. Upload the presentation to the DB site for Week 7, deadline Wednesday, 11:59 PM MT.
  9. Watch the presentations of a minimum of 2 classmates.
  10. Provide scholarly comments and feedback which are referenced from and use the State of the Science rubric/guidelines, Johns Hopkins critique guides, or scholarly articles. Not all these sources need to be used but all comments and feedback should be supported by evidence.
  11. Your response should be a minimum of one paragraph of 4-5 sentences.


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