The client needs a 2000 word case study relating to a physical assessment and clinical reasoning assessment of a patient whom they have examined. 

The client saw a patient who was 74 years old with a suspected chest infection and abdominal pain.

The client needs to review examination of those two systems ie percussion of the abdomen and auscultation of the lungs and compare and contract those methods with current research to critically analyse the different methods of examination.

The essay should link back to lecture material.

The essay should be focused on the examination of the respiratory system and the abdominal system and examination technique and to critically analyse the techniques of auscultation of the respiratory system and percussion of the abdominal system and the values of these methods.

The case study is about a 74 year old male with COPD with a suspected chest infection, he is started on OAB and steroids with ventolin nebulisers as well.
The two systems for review are respiratory and abdominal.
The method of assessment for the respiratory review is auscultation of the chest and for the abdomen percussion of abdominal quadrants as the patient is constipated.

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