Part 2 of assignment B is approx 250 word rationales for each of the steps in the jumbled clinical skill assessment part A.


Tollefson and Hillman (2016) is NOT to be used for rationales as it is expected you will do wider reading. In-text citations with the full reference at the end of the paper is expected.


You DO NOT need an introduction nor a conclusion in this paper and submit in a doc/docx format only.


Please include the bolded step wording as a subtitle then the referenced rationale for each steps.


8 Subtitles

1.    Identifies indication of patients’ experiencing pain.


2.    Evidence of therapeutic interacting, e.g. gives the person a clear explanation of the procedure.


3.    Displays clinical reasoning abilities, e.g. provides privacy.


4.    Gathers equipment (pain assessment tools, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, thermometer and watch)


5.    Assess the person’s pain using the following guidelines:


History of present pain

onset and duration


quality and character


aggravating or relieving factors

use of pain assessment tools

associated physical effects


6.    Cleans, replaces and disposed of equipment


7.    Documents relevant information


8.      Demonstrates the ability to link theory and practice


Every subtitle need 1-2 reference

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