Neural Mechanisms: Contributions and Control
Written Assignment
ACTIVITY 1: Sit in front of a mirror with your textbook open to pg. 88 in front of you on a flat surface
such that the diagram below is visible. Now place the tip of your pencil between the two lines, you may
start anywhere. Using the cardboard, cover up the hand using the pencil so that you can only see your
hand and its movements through the mirror in front of you. Using only the image and the mirror, trace
the diagram below by moving the pencil around the shape while staying between the lines. You may
move in either direction.
How did you do? Were you able to stay in the lines and move around the shape efficiently?
ACTIVITY 2: Partner needed. Hold your arms straight out in front of you so that they are parallel with the
floor. Now, cross your arms over one another. From this position, turn your palms so that they are facing
one another, and then interlock your fingers. Pull your hands down and towards your chest, continuing
the rotation until your knuckles are facing the sky. Once you are in position, ask your partner to point to
one of your fingers. It is important that they only point to it and that they do not touch it. Your task is to
simply move the finger that your partner pointed to.
Do you think the result would have been different if your partner touched the finger to be moved while
your eyes were closed? Try it.
How does this support or not support the concept of visual dominance? Explain.
Ambient VS Focal Vision: (5 points)
ACTIVITY 1: Try walking around your apartment while reading a couple paragraphs of your textbook. You
should be able to accomplish this without running into your furniture because of the combined efforts
of focal and ambient vision. Focal vision was used to read, while ambient vision allowed you to locate
obstacles and successfully move about the room.
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ACTIVITY 2: Now perform the task again with your dark sunglasses on. What influence did your
sunglasses have on your performance? How can these results be explained?
ACTIVITY 3: For the final activity, you will need a piece of three-hole punched paper. Hold the paper
about one inch from your face so that you can see through the middle hole. Wrap the rest of the paper
around to touch the sides of your head. Now walk around your apartment again. Explain the results.
Eye Dominance (5 points)
Find a small object, such as a clock on a wall. Stand directly in front of it, approximately 10 feet away.
Once you are in this position, create a small triangle with your hands by overlapping your thumbs.
Stretch your arms in the direction of the wall so that you can see the object through your triangular
window. Close one eye, and then open it; repeat with the other eye. Your dominant eye is the one for
which the object remained in the triangular window.
How might this knowledge be applied for sport activities for better success?

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