The defining factors behind musical taste

The client will have a Primary research methodology, they will be conducting questionnaires. 

This talk by Nolan Gasser inspired the client to research the factors behind musical preference and the client agrees with the three factors he suggests – Science, Culture/Sub-culture and Individual psychology/Personality. 

The client requires help researching these three factors and finding arguments both for and against each. The client has provided some resources they have found that they think are suitable. The client is in the process of finalising their introduction and creating their questionnaire. The questions will be centered around the three factors and the client wil,l then compare the answers to the research undertaken. 

The first factor: Science, should touch on the (mathematical) foundations of sound and our physiological reception to this. (This will tie in with a brief introduction on the origins of sound as in Gassers talk), As peoples have evolved what happened to our understanding of music? What happens when people listen to music? (Brain) etc. 

The second factor, Culture and Sub-Culture, should discuss, as in Gassers talk, how cultures have their own ‘template of musical discourse’. How cultures affect musical taste etc. 

The last factor, individual psychology and personality should discuss what role or personalities have in determining the type of music we love and also as Gasser talks about how each piece of music we love has music ‘chromosones’ that relate to our own musical identity/taste. The client would like to discuss and expand on the ideas in each factor Gasser states with plenty of information to both agree and disagree with what Gasser suggests.

The introduction at this stage basically states that recent research has shown that we spend and average of 32 hours per week consuming music (Nielsen) and asks questions such as, what is musical taste?, What does it say about us?, Why does music make us feel? The client will then discuss the Gasser talk and the points he makes and briefly discuss the origins of music but at this stage, there isn’t enough work to send over to be relevant to the factors.

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