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This week, Tara and I would like to focus on how we communicate international. With the fast growth of technology, it has become more common for companies to grow internationally. Because of this, it is important for companies to understand the cultures they are entering. When entering a new market, we believe It is important to understand the culture and background of each individual country.

As Tara suggested this idea first, I was very into it because this week, some of the team members in internal audit at my company went to France and they kept in touch with the rest of the team through IMs. While they were doing random testing of invoices they stumbled upon a Japanese invoice, which they sent over for me to translate. While this isn’t such a high-level example of cross-cultural communication, it shows that learning different languages is a key component of cross cultural communication, sometimes necessary, when entering a new country as a business. It allows for easier communication and also a respect for the other’s way of speaking.

Key Question: What are some key components you believe are necessary to implement when entering a new country with your business?


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