Request for 4 pages (Please address all the questions below)

Topic:  Multicultural Education

Topics that are typically addressed in a methodology review section



• How large are the samples typically used to study this topic?

• What are the sample characteristics (ethnicity, race, age, gender distribution, student vs. faculty, income, etc.)?

• How are the samples recruited?

• To which populations do the samples generalize?


• Are these primarily quantitative or qualitative studies, or both?

• How is the data collected (i.e. surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc.)?

• Where does the data collection take place (lab settings, web surveys, observations, etc.)?


• What types of measures are used (i.e. are there specific scales used to assess each construct; what coding procedure was done if the study used observational data, etc.)?

Data Analysis Plan:

• Do the authors discuss their data analysis plan in the methods section?

• If so, what types of analyses do they plan to use to analyze their data?

• What do the authors report about their response rates?

• What did the authors tell you about reliability and validity?

• Was there any concern about potential sources of bias and how these were controlled?


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