Choose a national or multi-national RETAIL organisation in agreement with your Tutor and write a 1000 word Report on a strategy change that your organisation has faced in the last three years and how the senior management have reacted to that challenge. 

Both components are equally weighted at 50% and both must be attempted for this Assignment.

Organisations that you might wish to consider could include:

In your report you are required to identify a strategic change in the chosen organisation, for example the launch of a new product/service or initiative (e.g. a quality, efficiency or well-being initiative or the development of a retailer’s Own Brand products and their growth in sales as seen by Aldi and Lidl in May 2017). In relation to that specific initiative you have been asked to consider the following:

1. Evaluate the different alternative approaches that the company could have used to introduce the change and critically assess both the effectiveness of the method of introduction and the leadership approach taken. How might the leadership input here have been improved?

2. With reference to the RETAIL sector analyse and evaluate contemporary research on the role of leadership in relation to managing change and overcoming resistance to change. Assess how your findings relate to the organisation of your choice for this Assignment.

3. Critically explore and analyse how ethics shapes the relationship between leaders and followers within an organisation. How is this important in the design and delivery of change. Make specific reference to issues around decision making, corporate governance and policy practices in the organisation. Use specific examples and context that relate to your organisation.

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