I need an explanation for this Nursing question to help me study.

Ok so what I need you to do is a Social Worker note

this is an example

Pt is a 73 yr-old male diagnosed with, Type II DM, HHD with heart failure, and heart disease of native coronary artery. At time of assessment Pt. appeared to be clean and groomed properly. Pt’s SW assessed the Pt/ PCG’s Psychosocial status and bereavement risk levels. Prior to visit SW called and assessed Pt’s symptoms of COVID-19; fever, tiredness, dry cough, aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea. Pt and PCG denied. SW informed Pt and PCG of who is at risk and precautions to take such as, washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and social distancing, and checking fever often. SW informed PCG to inform home health if any symptoms arise. SW will continue to make monthly follow -ups to resume the counseling interventions and monitor the Pt/ Family psychosocial status.

I am gonna send you 2 files and your gonna write me 2 notes like this but change them ok


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