MS PowerPoint skills

In this module, M7A1, you will complete the first part of the PowerPoint Presentation assignment for this course. Your task is to use the MS PowerPoint skills you learned in this module to create a presentation on the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) alternative you identified in M7D1:

  1. Create a new MS PowerPoint presentation and save it as SDLC_Alternative.pptx.
  2. The Presentation should include:
    1. A Cover slide including the name of the presentation, your name, the course, and the date
    2. An Outline slide containing a brief description of the presentation
    3. 6 to 10 slides containing the information about system development methodology you picked in M7D1 and its comparison with the SDLC
    4. A Conclusion slide
    5. A Reference slide.
    6. Tables, animations, and multimedia are needed in your slides. The multimedia content can be any relevant pictures, graphs, audios, drawings or other items.
    7. Include a footer on each slide except the cover slide with the name of the presentation and the current date.
    8. Save and close the presentation.
    9. Once you have successfully completed all the requirements of this assignment, submit your SDLC_Alternative draft presentation to M7A1 dropbox.

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