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Lean Operations Assignment:

Using research during site visits at your chosen business environment or a company you are familiar with, please gather, interpret and analyze the current state of business operations to strategize methodology to achieve the three principles (eliminate waste, remove variability, and improve throughput) of lean. Please defend your answers on a tactical level by explaining how these recommendations (proposed methodology when applied conceptually) will balance cost and quality.

Assignment format:

In Word break the paper into the following sections:

• Introduction – describe the company in general and what it does

• Using the three principles as section headings, analyze the company along each principle

• Conclusion – is the company balancing cost and quality? Why or why not?

This paper is to be written in APA format.

General Formatting Requirements:

Ensure professional presentation with proper spelling, grammar, etc.

Must have proper in-text citations and References page

Include supporting resources from sources other than what is in the course

Include page numbers

Include a cover page or paper header


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