Domain 1: Professional values

Generic standard for competence

 All nurses must act first and foremost to care for and safeguard the public. They must practise autonomously and be responsible and accountable for safe, compassionate, person-centred, evidence-based nursing that respects and maintains dignity and human rights. They must show professionalism and integrity and work within recognised professional, ethical and legal frameworks. They must work in partnership with other health and social care professionals and agencies, service users, their carers and families in all settings, including the community, ensuring that decisions about care are shared.

Field standard for competence

Mental health nurses must work with people of all ages using values-based mental health frameworks. They must use different methods of engaging people, and work in a way that promotes positive relationships focused on social inclusion, human rights and recovery, that is, a person’s ability to live a self-directed life, with or without symptoms, that they believe is meaningful and satisfying…..


Assignment based on a case study of an identified service user/ group, relating to the four domains identified in the NMC Standards for Pre-registration Nursing Education (2010). 

Critically reflect upon and examine the dimensions of professional practice in leading and managing care.

Focus on the development of:
– Professional values
– Communication and interpersonal skills
– Nursing practice and decision making
– Care management
– Leadership Management and team working

The essay should refer back to lectures, seminars and other module topics.

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