Melanoma / Skin Cancer Assignment

Navigate the Melanoma Research Foundation Website:


  1. Watch the video on the home page, bottom right corner titled “Meet the MRF” (also included as a link in this module)
  2. Navigate these sites under the “Understanding Melanoma” tab ( link on the module)
      1. Preventing Melanoma
          1. Preventing Melanoma
          2. Why is Tanning Dangerous?
          3. I Think I Have Melanoma
          4. Melanoma Risk Factors
          5. Early Detection
          6. Self-Screening Guide
        1. Diagnosing Melanoma
            1. Diagnosing Melanoma
            2. Detection & Screening
              1. Detection & Screening
              2. ABCDEs of Melanoma
            3. Melanoma Pathology
            4. Stages of Diagnosis
        1. Perform a self- assessment per the Self Screening Guide
        2. Written assignment: Personal reflection- due to dropbox  “Skin Cancer Topic”


During your childhood, what were you taught about protecting your skin from skin cancer? Were there any behaviors evident in your family relative to preventing melanoma? Was sunscreen available? While at the beach or outside events, do you remember anything used to provide protection from the sun, such as an umbrella or canopy?  (Just trying to get an understanding of whether prevention was important during childhood)


During your adolescent years, was there more emphasis on preventing melanoma? If so, where did you hear the messages: home, school, or health provider?  Knowing how prevalent tanning beds are in our country,  whether you tanned via beds or sun or chose not to, what swayed your thoughts or influenced your decision to participate or not?


Now, after completing the assignments, what information was totally new to you?  Has this unit of study increased your awareness relative to the risks, self –screening recommendations, and prevention? Can you confidently identify suspicious skin changes based on the ABCDE model?  Any of this information prompt you to consider preventing melanoma more seriously?

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