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You need to creat two document, first one is Media Assignment Task 1, and seconde one is Adevertising Assignment Task 2.

Part I:Media Assignment Task 1

Answer the following questions about any THREE products ad posters seen by you between 2010-2020:

Find one advertisement, poster, or billboard around you, and identify the following information:

1. What is being advertised?

2. What seemed to be the message being created about the product or service?

3. Why do you say so? What kinds of “building blocks” are being used to create this message? (Consider things like font types, colours, shapes, images, people, etc.)

4. What seems to be the target audience for this advertisement or media form? (Consider things like age, gender, income bracket/wealth, people who specific types on interests, etc.)

5. Why do you say so?

6. Consider: Is there anything in this advertisement/media form that is detracting from its effectiveness? What could be done to make it even more effective?

Submit your written analysis with a copy of the related ad. Write your analysis in complete sentences. You may use headings related to each key questions to organize your analysis


Task: Your assignment is to prepare an advertising campaign for a product of your choosing. Select a product that you feel you can advertise effectively given the media form you have chosen.

Instructions: Determine your target audience and develop two ads as part of a campaign. The ads must be for print media (magazine, billboard, newspaper). You will also need to submit a written report and prepare an oral presentation to be given in class.

The print ad should be in colour, unless you are targeting newspapers. Thought should be given to style of script and layout.

The written report must contain the following information:

 Product Target audience Message you are trying to convey with your ads?

 How your ads will attract your target audience? What makes your product unique?

 Where you plan to show your ads (what magazine, billoards, etc.) and why?


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