In this assessment, working from the materials you developed in Assessment 1, you will be required to individually construct a one year marketing plan, that will provide growth for your brand within the Australian grocery market.

Section 1: Segmentation and brand strategy In this section, you’ll be expected to review the marketplace and construct a segmentation model, selecting a primary and secondary segment to target for your brand. In addition, you are required to evaluate the core strategy and positioning of the brand and make recommendations on management of the position in the market.

Section 2: Objectives Here you will determine appropriate objectives to achieve growth over the 12-month period.

Section 3: Marketing Program This section will be the bulk of the document. You will be required to construct a marketing plan by applying the marketing mix and demonstrate not only the ideas of what the brand can do in order to deliver on the positioning and objectives, but also the how it will do it.

Section 4: Scheduling, forecasting and control This section will require you to construct a marketing schedule that will show when each activity in the brand will occur, the forecast of sales and market share based on the plan, and the controls (metrics) that will be reviewed throughout the 12 months to ensure the plan is delivering. Components of the assessment Below is an outline of the sections that you must report in your submission Section 1: Segmentation and brand strategy:

1. Consumer segmentation

– This section will be required some mapping and modelling and some matrix.

– Construct a segmentation model and sows a 6 – 8 consumer segments across the entire category.

 – Make sure you’re clear around consumers segmentation, where the consumer segment sits in relation to each other.

– The model must show your ability to understand the theory of segmentation (meeting all 5 criteria of segmentation).

– Construct market segment based on the data you could find on the market place

– Refer to the Segmentation reading attached on market segmentation

– in the Effective segmentation page

– week 2, textbook 269 – variables of segmentation, variables of consumer markets, double it up with ABS.

– The segmentation must be founded on both primary and secondary research.

– Once you got your group of 6-8 segments then select 2 to be your primary and secondary target market

2. Primary and secondary target market

– This section will be required a person and consumer journey map

– Construct and supply a persona and consumer journey map

– From the 6 – 8 consumer segments, then you just go with 2 segments

– primary and secondary

– Construct your persona and customer journey

– Primary market will be important because that’s where you’d expect the bulk of your sales come from

– Secondary market

3. Positioning

– This section will be required a positioning map and perceptual map

– Construct a positioning map that show the points of parity and points of difference for your brand in the category. Positioning map

– motivation, needs, state (refer to week 2 weekly notes)

– Once POD and POP are created, construct a perceptual map.

4. Brand strategy

– This section will be required one to two paragraphs.

– You are required to develop a clear strategy that you will pursue for your marketing plan

– Apply either Porter’s generic strategy of Ansoff growth share matrix appropriate to the situation of your brand in the market (is your brand a leader, challenger, follower, etc). Refer to week 3 reading notes (Grow market share and revenue) for appropriate brand strategy

– This strategy will need to be delivered upon in the other sections of the plan.

– From brand strategy perspective, where you want to take this brand, what is your main emphasis or thrust. If you think your brand has some real product development opportunities then it will come out of your brand strategy with your Ansoff share matrix.

– Only use one or two models in the strategy.

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