Length: 3,000 (+/­10%) words excluding references, figures, and tables;

appendices should be used where appropriate


Part One: (2250 words)

Company and Product Background:

ACME Smoothies UK is based in Hull. ACME Smoothies claim to offer an

exclusive and unique smoothie experience. The founder, Joe Blogs, is a trained

chef and nutriConist, who regularly visits locaCons where exoCc fruit can be

sourced to search out new flavours and ingredients. However Joe has very liGle

business experience. But believes that the ingredients and the way they are

mixed can offer a truly different and innovaCve consumpCon experience for

consumers wanCng a new taste sensaCon.

ACME has developed a range of smoothies and wishes to launch these in the HK

market. ACME’s founder, Joe Bloggs, has no experience in trading in HK and has

limited resources.



Create an ABRIDGED MarkeCng plan that examines the iniCal markeCng campaign and

advise how the company should introduce ACME Smoothies into the HK market place.


You have the freedom to determine the parameters of the campaign. In producing your

markeCng plan, please pay parCcular aGenCon to the following four criCcal areas.

Who is ACME’s target market? What customer needs should ACME address? What value is

given to customers?

What would be ACME key differenCaCon/posiConing? Why would you think this

differenCaCon/posiConing would be successful?

How should ACME go about communicaCng with their customers? Please discuss the nature

of its message, its tone and desired response.

How would ACME go about pricing its products?

How would ACME ensure that the customers get the product?

Your recommendaCons should be jusCfied through careful consideraCon. In other words,

you should demonstrate that you have applied markeCng tools in your analysis, and the

output of such analysis should be shown in the appendix.


Part Two (750 words)

• Drawing upon a number of examples of your choosing, demonstrate how the web can

be used to vary the price element of the markeDng mix. Conclude by assessing

whether, based upon your analysis, the web consDtutes a disrupDve innovaDon for

markeDng. Please remember that you should only select a single element of the

MarkeDng mix, say for example price or place but not both.

• Your essay must show how theoreCcal foundaCons can be applied in pracCcal

applicaCons. To succeed it is criCcal that you read both text books and journal arCcles

to see how others have used theories of MarkeCng you are wriCng about and use

their ideas to underpin your own arguments

• If you don’t include such arguments based on literature sources, properly referenced

in your work, you will fail this element.

• It must be wriGen in essay format and in accordance with the rules relaCng to using

Harvard referencing. This should be included as a subsecCon of the main report.



You need to use key analysis tools to examine the external operaCng environment,

and idenCfy the organisaCons markeCng response. You must base your analysis on

the use of a range of tools e.g. PEST, Porters 5 forces, BCG, PLC and others that are


All analysis using these models go in the report’s appendix (i.e. the applicaCon of each

model to examine say the organizaCon’s product poriolio).

By undertaking a deep analysis of the business you should be able idenCfy and discuss

the key themes and state what their implica[ons are i.e. how they will impact on the

markeCng acCviCes of the organizaCon. Only the outcome (implicaCons) of the

analysis should be discussed in the main body.

You may use SWOT to summarize key themes. This must then result in the

idenCficaCon of matching strategies that feed through into you recommendaCons

Part A to be wriGen as a standard markeCng plan in report format, part B to be

wriGen as an essay

Excessive usage of company produced material within the main body (10%+ of total

word count) is poor academic pracCce and may result in the award of a fail mark.


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