Many complex problems facing today’s healthcare managers have a financial, legal, and ethical implications for their organization. Identify a legitimate healthcare problem, and then identify and discuss the financial, legal, and ethical implications associated with the problem. Which implication (i.e., financial, ethical, or legal) is the most important and why? Which is the least important and why? Please provide references and a min of 250+ words.


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There are so many problems healthcare managers have to deal with, that there are a lot to choose from for this assignment. There is a helpful website that lists some of these complex problems and provide a lot of great information pertaining to these issues, and that website is: —-to get to this website, I typed in the Google search engine: healthcare managers facing complex problems no shows ….. there is a helpful list of websites in addition to this one.

Here is a list of some of the issues that would fit with this …

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