Many bioethical choices that leaders must make require a combination of intuition and objective, critical thinking. If a leader needs to make a decision that does not have a legal basis, what criteria can be used to feel confident that the decision is appropriate?


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Bioethics is a discipline concerned with ethical questions that arise with advances in biology and medicine. Bioethics can cover a variety of topics. These topics include abortion, assisted suicide, cloning, birth control, and stem cell research – just to name a few of the really hot topics. Many organizations, including those in the healthcare field, have a code of ethics or ethics handbook that guides the actions of the individual. My own organization has an ethics handbook. The handbook covers mentions values like honesty, integrity, respect, accountability, and trustworthiness. These are all good guidelines for making ethical decisions. The healthcare leader should be honest, have integrity, show respect, and be accountable when making bioethical decisions. However, they don’t really provide a firm framework for making bioethical decisions.

So, how does a …………

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