You should demonstrate an understanding of:

The purpose of this report – to be written in essay style – is to demonstrate understanding of how to managing a change process in a complex organisational environment. You should select an organisation and describe its difficulties. You should then explain how to implement a suitable change process that can address these difficulties. The essay should contain a description of the change process that is to be undertaken (ie. it has not happened yet), the types of issues that the implementation may raise for managers and staff, and how these can be addressed.

The essay should start with an introduction that sets the scene and provides contextual information about the organisation and its need for change (such as the type of organisation, its role, where it is based and the problem it faces). Any organisation can be selected for the essay – even a fictional example. It is up to the student to decide how much supporting background material is needed (it really does not need to be very long). The main part of the essay should focus on the change process itself, its implementation challenges and expected outcomes.

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