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Start your weekly insight by taking this free online personality test: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test (Links to an external site.)

The test is based off of the popular and longstanding Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. When you are finished, record your results and spend some time reading what the test has to say about your personality. Drink deep and process it, find points of agreement and disagreement with your results.

After you’ve done that, you are to read and respond to this prompt:

You are a manager at a local CVS and have experienced consecutive quarters of declining sales. You have been conducting a marketing analysis and are unable to determine a real cause (pretend this is pre-pandemic). Your current staffing contains:

      • 7 full-time employees (≤ 32 hours weekly)
      • 12 part-time employees (≥ 20 hours weekly

Come up with a strategy for engaging your staff to address the problem.

Start your post by listing your personality inventory results, then explain how you will engage your staff members to address the problem. You should then read and respond to at least two of your peers. One should be the same personality type as you, another should be a different personality type.

Submissions should be between 200 – 400 words and include any sources for the information shared.

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