This Management Case Study can be on any topic you choose. It could relate to an issue or problem in your workplace that you wish to address or it could be about implementing an improvement in clinical care, or management practices.


The report must be in an official report format with an Executive Summary, a Literature Review, a statement of Recommendations with Rationales (List of Problem Solving Strategies), and a Conclusion.


Please ensure that your report includes the following:



An Executive Summary (this should provide an overview of the report and describe a clear purpose of the report)


A Literature Review (including an overview of your search strategy and a discussion of the literature on the relevant topic or topics). Literature can include published research, government reports, policies and procedures and texts.


A statement of recommendations with rationales (and problem solving strategies if appropriate). This might take the form of a discussion but needs to make clear recommendations that relate to the purpose of your report with rationales.

A conclusion


A reference list

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