The management of LSEC Holly Hill site wish to relocate to a more centrally located site. They therefore wish to offer the land (3.11 Ha) and existing structures for sale to private developers in order to maximise revenue from the sale of the site. You have received an initial enquiry from LSEC about services as a project manager to advise on the development process, project choice, and viability and to develop an initial written brief on behalf of the Client (LSEC) for use by tendering Design and Build Developers.

You have agreed to attend an early meeting with the Governors of LSEC regarding a Commission to advise the Management of the College about redeveloping the site and the development process, assuming that they have little knowledge of the construction industry.

You are to produce a written report for submission to LSEC which:

Identifies and examines the potential and the difficulties of the existing site and buildings. 

• Carry out a feasibility study of your selected option and produce a project brief
• Discuss the different legal aspects that need to be considered for your selected option and briefly explain how they will affect the re-development.
• Evaluate the different options of finance available to your client and advice on the most effective method to use and give your reasons 
• Produce drawings of a floor plan, front elevation and a side elevation

(Illustrations with the aid of Google sketch up to supplement your texts is required) It is compulsory that you use Harvard System to reference your work. You are also required to consult at least 6 different sources of reference.

Aim: Introduce students to the property development process and to project procurement options.

Objective: Demonstrate competence in the process of selection of viable project and developing of project brief.

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