Main body:first part must be provide reason why you chose Canada? Second part give a more than

five multinational companies which from Canada and introduce these companies main business and

industry. Last part Use risk assessment?include PESTLE­Scenario)to analyze the risks that these

companies may encounter in the next five years and how did avoid its.

Alternative 2 (2000­2500 words max.)

You are expected to conduct an analysis on the impact of globalization in a particular country, city,

or region of the world. Complete the following tasks:

1. Drawing on theoretical concepts learnt in this module give a detailed account of the reasons for

your choice of country, city or region.

2. Explain which industries or businesses in the selected location have benefited or suffered from the

process of globalization. Give some statistical information to support your views.

3. Analyse the political, economic, social and technological consequences from globalization for the

selected location. Provide some statistics to back up your findings.

4. Write a conclusion, which includes a personal evaluation of the process of globalization.


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