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research project is to determine the relative happiness of college students. We want to find out their perceived happiness level, what they do to promote happiness, and what variables affect happiness.

The literature review includes foundational information for the reader and contextualizes your research project by telling readers what other researchers have found and what gaps exist in the literature. Research should be reported in themes to provide the reader a snapshot of recent and relevant research.

Here are the requirements and point assignments for this draft:

Research directly related to happiness and college
At least 7 scholarly sources
An integration of findings, NOT A SUMMARY of each article one after the other
Organized by distinct themes
A draft references page is included

i’ve included a word document of an outline that the assignment should be like.

also i’ve added some articles i would like you to use, add any articles you find relevant just add sources please.

i will upload a few more articles once you accept the question. i’m only able to download these documents below.


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