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Louis Dong



My topic Li Hong Zhang he is a controversial man for Chinese and the world, some people think him as a national traitor, some of people including me see him as a national hero, what he did to save the people to save the Qing Dynasty, but the people don’t understand him. Is Li really a national traitor? Is it true that he sell our nation out for his own interest? As I grows up and knowing more and more about the history of him and the Qing Dynasty, I find out that people are misunderstand him, so I decide doing my research on him to help me and others to see the truth.


Basically when Chinese see his name the first thing come in mind is the traitor who sells country out by sign the treaty with other nations, that is the common knowledge in our mind, for centuries he has saddled with the name of traitor, so I decide to stand out and doing my best to clean his name for him, the interesting part of my research as I said is to defend for Li, to find out the evidence that he did what he could to save the nation as an Chinese and minister of the Qing Court, as an Chinese he did what he could to cost down compensate after the Qing Dynasty has been defeat, but as a minster of the Qing Court he has to do what he being told to do, he has to following orders although he knows is not right thing to do, for example after the Sino-Japanese war the Qing Court has send him to negotiate with Japan, after he arrived a Japanese Ronin was trying to assassinate him, the Ronin has shoot him on the face lucky Li survived and he report be the Qing Court that they can use this to walk away without sign the treaty and compensation. But the Qing Court ordered him to sign the treaty as soon as possible because the Empress dowager’s birthdays is coming. Even though people knows that we cannot entirely blame him about what happened back there but most of the people I’m saying 99% of the people in China hates him, is quite difficult to convince people change their mind for and reconsider a man who has been defined as a traitor for centers. 


Make sure it is alphabetized (or explain the order you are using).

Make sure citations are perfect.

Make sure no entry is longer than three (3) sentences.

Do not include primary sources among annotations. But feel free to append them in a separate unannotated

section labeled: “Primary Sources.”

In this version, the role each author or article plays in the larger “conversation” on the topic should

be explicitly noted in the significance line. e.g. “this guy turned the field upside down when he

discovered Australia.”

need to be 21 one of them,

One full­length (at least 10pp.) article from a scholarly journal. Not a book review or news item. Not

a pop. mag. like People or Time.

Include an image of the Table of Contents (at least the first page) from the journal in which you

found the article.

When in doubt, consult a librarian.

Do not use primary sources for this assignment (or the annotated bibs in general).

Use the instructions handed out in class to do the following four things for each:

1. Complete Chicago Style citation, Bibliography Format. See Turabian if doubt. See Turabian to

double check, even if you are sure.

2. The author’s thesis. (not just the topic or purpose)

3. A description and thorough evaluation of the evidence employed to support the thesis. (Evidence

means the stuff in the author’s footnotes and bibligraphy.)

4. A thoughtful answer to the question: “So What?” In other words, what does each work contribute

to our understanding of the topic. What does it add or change in our knowledge. (This becomes

easier with each work you annotate, because you have more context in which to situate each work.)”

pls give me One book, preferably a monograph, that exhibits the hallmarks of a scholarly work. (It

has notes and a bibliography; the author is a scholar (not a hobbyist), published by a known press.

first and if the first two is being accept they we can keep doing the rest of them

and I have upload my Project Proposal alrady.


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