Use lesson planning form provided to prepare your week three assignment.  Create a lesson plan that integrates technology into your classroom instruction based on the Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge TPACK framework. 

You will want to locate the California Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or the California Academic Content Standards for your subject matter and grade level. Early Childhood Students will want to use the California Preschool Learning Foundations. You will need to download and type in the attached form rather than use the online lesson builder since the web wizard is only for K-12.  Defense Language Institute (DLI) students may wish to use the California Standards for Teaching Languages other than English or the National Foreign Language Standards.  See the standards folder in documents and resources to locate your subject matter content standards.

How to get started….


  1. Determine what you want to teach and preview the CCSS or subject matter content standards or foundations for that academic content area.
  2. Select one standard for one grade level (or age group) that you can teach in one hour.  Early Childhood students may want to focus on a small group activity in one computer learning center.
  3. Write a learning objective that relates to the standard or foundation you have chosen.
  4. List the technology resource (mobile app, web-based tool, internet resource, software, or interactive student-centered curriculum website) and additional materials you will need for this lesson activity.
  5. Describe clearly how this specific technology resource will be integrated into your teaching process.  What technologies will the teacher use and what technologies will the students use?
  6. Use the TPACK framework and the TPACK activity types to describe your rationale for using this technology to help students meet this particular standard.  (See the examples included from the Activity Types website).
    • Knowledge Building Activity Types – How will this use of technology build students’ knowledge and understanding of this content, concept, or process?
    • Knowledge Expression Activity Types – How will you determine what students have learned by reviewing their “performances of understand?”  How will this technology use allow students to express their knowledge related to the standards and learning goals of this lesson? See examples of convergent knowledge expression activity types and divergent knowledge expression types.  How will the students use this technology to express their divergent knowledge?  Is your use of technology utilizing written, visual, conceptual, product-oriented, or participatory activity types? Explain in your rationale section of the lesson template. 
  7. Include specific details about how students will use this technology resource to meet the lesson objective and academic content standard.
  8. Describe a possible assessment you might use to determine whether students met the learning objective and explain how this assessment connects to the learning objective and standard.

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