Module Learning outcomes: There can only be a maximum of 4 learning outcomes, each of which must be assessed summatively once only. All outcomes are weighted equally.

Critically evaluate legal rules applicable to the construction industry and their impact on contract formation and project execution

Examine the administration of different types of construction contracts and their impact on project performance

Examine and apply legal rules to issues relating to rights and interests within the construction industry

Critically appraise alternative methods for resolving construction disputes




Assessment method



Rationale for method

Explanation of why this assessment method has been chosen and how it supports achievement of the learning outcomes and alignment with the programme LT&A strategy


Summative assessment will be by a coursework (in two patchworks). The patchworks are designed to allow the student critically analyse given scenarios and apply their knowledge of construction law and contract into solving the problems in the scenarios.


Assessment outline

Guidance on what the assessment should include, level of criticality, articulation, expectations of referencing, the impact of formative activity, etc.

Assessment for this module will be in the form of two deliverables which require the student to demonstrate thorough understanding of the four learning outcomes: legal issues relating to contract formation and execution; contract administration; rights and interests; and dispute resolution. The assessment seeks to identify evidence of student’s own research into the topics covered under the module. The submission for this assessment should show evidence of critical thinking supported by quality references and cases.  


Deliverable 1 Legal System and Construction Contract Formation (50%)

Deliverable 1 requires the students to apply their knowledge of construction law in determining the legal position on a number of contractual issues presented in a contract formation and execution scenario. You are also required to evaluate how these issues are likely to impact on the performance of the contract.



Assessment Scope

Explanation of the scope and range of the assessment.


In answering the questions for the coursework, the students are required to critically analyse the scenarios and show an in-depth understanding of construction law and issues relating to contract formation and execution. The students are required to answer the questions as practical as possible based on the scenarios given and make references to cases to support their position on the issues.


All deliverables should be presented separately on their due dates in MSWord or PDF format. A maximum word count of 1500 words is required for each deliverable.

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