The assessment is in three parts:

Part A
Part A consists of a report describing the role and function of those involved in the organisation and operational administration of either a Crown Court (100 words).

Part B
Part B consists of an essay exploring an aspect of the observed Courts function (1000 words):
Explain the jury process in the English Criminal legal system including how juries are selected and their function in criminal trials including the arguments for and against their abolition.

Part C
Part C consists of a self-reflection of up to 500 words on the process of attending court and selecting the title for discussion and how this has helped inform the student’s legal development in terms of understanding the legal system, its functions and research for the assignment.

The client is happy for the writer to fabricate reflective information in Part C. However, they have provided some information about their own experience in the attachment called ‘Part C’. 

Learning Outcomes for the item of assessment

This item of assessment covers the following learning outcomes. 

• Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the structure, jurisdiction and processes of the courts within the English legal system, and an understanding of the role of those involved in the administration of justice
• Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of legal research methods
• Determine whether a legal problem involves the rules of civil or criminal law and identify the court that would have jurisdiction to deal with the case
• Explain and evaluate the role played by institutions and personnel within the English legal system
• Apply legal research skills to retrieve up-to-date information

Aims and Outcomes
The Overall Aim(s)
• To develop an understanding of the substantial rules of the English and proposed reforms.
• To apply knowledge and understanding of Legal system to develop research skills. 

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the module students will be able to:
Knowledge and Understanding
a) Understand the laws governing the English legal system.
b) Understand the development of the legal system in its social and political context.
c) Demonstrate a basic knowledge and application of the rules regarding the legal system 

Subject-specific Skills
d) Demonstrate a basic knowledge and understanding of the fundamental elements of the English Legal system, including the doctrine of precedent and the rules of statutory interpretation.
e) Apply basic legal system principles to practical situations in the court system.
f) Analyse proposals for the reform of different aspects of the legal system.
g) Key Skills
h) Use statistical and other associated reports to demonstrate understanding. 
i) Construct logical written arguments and provide solutions to problems 
j) Manage own learning

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