1. Using the Ashridge Sense of Mission Model analyse the case evidence to critically examine the argument that Twitter have created a strong sense of mission.

2. Critically review Twitter’s approach to strategic decision-making and indicate to what extent you think their strategy is transferable to other organisations.

Both questions are equally weighed and you should review how grading is allocated in the Coursework Feedback Sheet. Presentation and Submission Date The assessment in Part A is a case analysis and you should note that case analysis is not a conceptual explanation or discussion but the application of concepts and frameworks to interpret the case information, analyse key events and statements, and reach evaluative judgements. The concepts and frameworks are covered in the workshops and prescribed reading and the guidance below gives you a few pointers on how you need to use this knowledge to answer the questions. In developing your analysis and arguments, you should use supporting evidence from the information contained in the case studies. Your answers must only be derived from the information on Twitter contained in the three case evidence sources listed above. You are not required to consult other sources on Twitter or go beyond the end date of the fourth source (2015-6). The reason for this is that your analysis and evaluation is being assessed at this point in the organisation’s development and not in the light of subsequent events. As a result you should not include references on Twitter from the internet or other sources. In terms of presentation, introduce each question indicating how you will structure your answer and conclude each answer with reference to your preceding arguments and the task required by the question.

Do not present your answer in rigid report format 3 but you may wish to divide your answer into sections which reflect the major elements of your analysis. The combined word count of your answers to both questions must comply with the following guidance: Minimum Length: 2000 words 

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