Assessment Task 1: Leadership Context of total mark – 1500 words Assessment details: Consider the role, situation, and the leadership behaviour that might be required in the scenarios listed in the table below. Choose three of these and write up to 500 words on how leadership might be exercised and what are the contextual factors that are relevant. You must follow normal essay format with cover page, introduction, and conclusion plus a reference section. 

CEO of a multi-national company

 Leading an inner-city street gang

 Conducting a symphony orchestra 

A sports coach

 An emergency rescue squad

 Hollywood film cast and crew 

Hospital emergency room

 Prime Minister/President 

On a battlefield 

Manager of an aged care home

 Maitre D in a restaurant 

A prison officer 

A supervisor on a construction site 

In a sales presentation 

After an earthquake 

During a meeting where a person is informed he/she has been fired. In a rock group

 Chief of a fundraising campaign

 A Diplomat 

Other of student’s choice


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