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This is the story of Kit Tyler in the book The Witch of Blackbird Pond, by Elizabeth George Speare. She is the main character. This story takes place in Wethersfield and Barbados in 1687. Kit was raised in Barbados by her grandfather, and she had a privileged childhood. Her Grandfather was very rich so she had servants who were slaves to do all the work and beautiful and expensive possessions. Also, she had a very carefree life. She could do whatever she wanted to do, whenever she wanted to, and all her servants did her work in the story.

Kit’s main problem is that she doesn’t fit in to with the people of Wethersfield since her life in Barbados was very different. But, as the story progresses, she becomes more accepted by her family and the people of Wethersfield, Connecticut. Kit changes from a self-centered, spoiled but courageous girl, into a girl who cares about others, and learns the value of friendship and the importance of family members. In the beginning of the novel, Kit Tyler acts differently than she does at the end of the book.

She is impulsive because of her upbringing, when she lived a privileged life in Barbados, and had a lot of servants. “Turn back Captain,” she ordered impulsively, “’Twill be an easy thing to catch. ” She is outspoken and competitive, “She could not help laughing as she passed him, and with a feeling of triumph she beat him to the boat. ” Also, Kit is thoughtless when she insults Nat about the smell of the Dolphin, and when she jumps after the doll, when Prudence drops it into the water. Kit is also very immature compared to the people of Connecticut who are much too disciplined to Kit’s point of view.

Lastly, she is somewhat arrogant, because she was brought up in such a wealthy neighborhood, “She was quite plainly a servant… Kit was impatient when the Captain removed his hat and spoke with courtesy. ” At the beginning of the story, Kit was immature and tactless, but that changes. The main problem in the story is that Kit can’t fit in to the strict life of Wethersfield, and she doesn’t know the rights and wrongs because of her childhood. Kit has lived her whole life in Barbados, and in Barbados, she is raised in a carefree way. She was very rich so she had a lot of servant so she never knew how to do chores.

And when she comes to Wethersfield, she has a hard time learning all the chores, and doing the work. Also, she is befriends Hannah Tupper, another outcast who isn’t accepted by the people of Wethersfield and is considered a witch by many. But, as Kit gets used to the Puritan life, her friend Nat says that she has changed from a bright, colorful bird, into a crow. As Kit experiences more, she starts to change. Instead of being her usual carefree self, she changes into a more mature woman. In the novel, Kit is different from her usual self when she teaches at the dame school.

When she is teaching with Mercy, she decides to act out a story, but she picks the troublemakers and it becomes chaotic. The schoolmaster and the Reverend come in and say that their dame school won’t continue anymore. Because of that, Mercy starts crying and Kit, horrified at what happened, runs away angry with herself, “In a panic, she fled, out the door, down the roadway. ” Also, unlike before, she now cares about her new family, “The sight of Mercy’s tears was more than Kit could endure. ” This shows that Kit is changing from an immature girl, into a young, mature woman.

At the end of the story, Kit has changed in the way she behaves with the people of Wethersfield, and she has changed her outlook, “Oh no! ” ‘Kit pleaded in alarm’, “You can’t arrest him, when he only came back to help me. ” Also, she changes because she helps a poor girl, who she barely knows, and while helping her, she places herself in danger because she could be accused of witchcraft. Also, she could get Prudence in danger, because her mother would not like Prudence to be taught by Kit at Hannah Tupper’s house, “But the thought of Goodwife Cruff made her shiver. Lastly, she is more mature when she helps Mercy and Judith recover from the sickness that was spreading through the town, “The meals fell to Kit, and she did her best with them…She built up the fire, heated kettles of water for the washing, so Mercy might have fresh linen under her restless body…She fetched water, and strained special gruel for Judith, and spread her uncle’s wet clothes near the fire so the dry…At night she dozed off, exhausted, and woke with a start sure that something was left undone. ” Kit has also realized that taking the easy way out, wouldn’t be right.

If she accepted William’s marriage offer, it wouldn’t be right because she didn’t love him. “’Tis no use, William, ‘She said now. ’ You and I would always be uneasy, all of our lives. ” At the end of the novel, Kit has changed from her usual carefree self, to a more mature girl that knows the value of friendship and family. The main themes of the story are: love conquers all, and importance of true friendship. “Oh please sir…It is all my fault! I’m responsible…do what you want with me. But…send Prudence away from this horrible place. This shows true friendship, because Kit sacrifices herself so Prudence wouldn’t get in trouble.

This also applies to the fact that Kit and Hannah Tupper, and Prudence, the most unlikely people, are friends. And even though Hannah Tupper is accused of being a with, Kit still takes the risk and becomes friends with her, the poor old woman. Also, Kit loves everybody in Uncle Matthew’s house, “These two she would take directly to Uncle Matthew…she offered the gifts with love instead of ride. ” This can also apply to the love triangle that happens in the story, and the way it turns out, Kit and Nat, Judith and William, and Mercy and John. They are suited for each other because of their personalities and how they view life in general.

I thought that this book was really realistic. I could easily imagine a girl named Kit, and her feelings, and what happens when she gets to Wethersfield. Also, I can imagine the love triangle that happens between them. The book also taught me a lot about the witch hunts, how the accused were affected, and how they felt and how their family and friends felt. Lastly, the themes in the novel fit in with the book perfectly in what happened to Kit, her friends and family. The author really made it clear on finding the themes of the novel, and she made the themes fit in perfectly with what happens in the book.

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