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Joe’s drug abuse case study discussion assignment

Case Study: Joe

Substance use by children and adolescents is an increasing problem and it is important to be able to identify risk factors as well as potential solutions to this widespread issue. To prepare for this Assignment, please refer to the Case Study for Joe, which can be found in Chapter 7: “Substance Use and Addiction” (Box 7.1) of your text.

For this Assignment, you will write a 3-4 page paper based on the case provided. Use the Unit 5 Assignment Template to address the following questions:

Discuss and describe the various influences that lead to Joe’s drug use.
Explain how you would advocate for Joe in both the personal and professional setting by addressing the following questions:
What are the primary family and environmental influences and/or risk factors impacting this case? Identify at least three risk factors and explain why these are key issues.
Taking societal perspectives discussed in this unit into consideration, select three perspectives and discuss solutions to each.

As an advocate, what interventions would you recommend? Discuss at least two interventions for each influence/risk factor that you identified. Be very specific and support your response with at least two sources that align with your intervention.
Identify any roadblocks that could occur to successful intervention. List and explain at least three roadblocks. Support your response with at least two sources.
Explain the key legal and ethical considerations relevant to this case. How would you address these considerations?
7.1 box from chapter 7: One of us worked with a 13-year-old boy named Joe for 2 months after Joe’s mother requested that he receive counseling. She and her husband, Joe’s stepfather, were concerned about Joe’s poor school performance, his acting out, his group of “delinquent” friends, and his alternately hostile and completely withdrawn behavior at home.

Joe’s drug abuse case study discussion assignment

Joe’s stepfather was a machine operator who provided severe yet inconsistent discipline. Joe disliked his stepfather, and he reported that the dislike was mutual. He described his mother as “nicer” but complained that she did not permit him to do what he wanted. His mother was primarily a homemaker, but occasionally she did temporary office work. She frequently placated her husband so that he would not get angry with Joe. She felt Joe needed to change, however, and believed that counseling might “fix” him. Joe’s parents refused to come in for counseling as a family because they insisted that Joe was the problem.

Joe spent a great deal of time with his friends both during and after school. He reported smoking marijuana and cigarettes fairly regularly. Shortly after our first counseling session, he was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. His parents refused to let him see any of his friends after the arrest.

Scenario continuation in the attachment below

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