I’m working on a Political Science exercise and need support.

Intro needs to start with the question that is in the begining of the outline attached and add more info to it make it flow, be longer and needs 2 more citations

Efforts in war protitering 3 citations

america econonmy.. make longer and 3 citations

shape military add 1 citation

lit review needs to be done and much longer basically a whole new thing

ameica leads.. more citations

cooperations/effect america 1 more citations

methodology describe more, what led this reasearch results etc

conclusion one more citation

All citations must be DIRECT QOUTES with supporting points. sources are at the bottom u can use others too try to make sure they are peer reviewed

CHUNK out the paper rather the small paragraph it is in

attached is the outline, an example of how an intro should begin and the paper

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