You are required to submit a report which provides an accessible but critical review of a key HR issue relevant to your workplace or of contemporary interest and relevance which draws on key theoretical frameworks and demonstrates the application of them to key practical challenges in the management of people and performance.

Using the academic literature, please write a reflective style report to your line manager about why investment in managing people and performance issues are important in your organisation. It is suggested that you focus on three areas of your choice within this module to highlight the importance of managing people and performance in your organisation.

The areas should include three of the following – Line Manager and HR, HR Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Equality and Diversity, Managing Performance, Absence and Attendance Management, Discipline and Grievance Handling or Ending

the Contract.

Please ensure that you explore the external contextual factors on the management of people and performance throughout your report. You will be assessed against the following marking criteria-

Criteria Marks allotted


Structure and Coherence- this should include a clear introduction which sets the context of the assessment task, statement of aims and objectives and definition of terms. There should also be a clear conclusion to the task which follows on from previous work, provides a summary of key literature and does not introduce new information. 45 Marks


Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the management of people and performance through a range of literature and theoretical sources. This should include evaluation of their application through analytical discussion of different perspectives. 45 Marks


Appropriately referenced sources, in line with the Harvard method 10 Marks

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