Introduction – Direction

Direction represents one of the essential functions of management because it deals with human relations. Direction is also, infrequently and by some, labeled as ‘actuating’. Once the organizational plans have been laid down, the structure being designed, and competent people brought in to fill various positions in organization, direction starts. Direction is the managerial function of guiding, motivating, leading, and supervising the subordinates to accomplish desired objectives. Acquiring physical and human assets and suitably placing them will not suffice; what is more important is that people must be directed toward organizational goals. Without proper direction and supervision employees become inactive, dull and inefficient and consequently the physical assets like machinery and plant will be put to ineffective use.


Direction is the important managerial function that initiates organizer’s action. It is a connecting and activating link between various functions of management. It is a process around which all performance revolves. It is essentially concerned with mobilizing and synthesizing human resources and efforts to accomplish the goals of the organization. A manager’s most important job is to direct the efforts of employees. Direction phase of management is the heart of management in action. It provides necessary guidance and inspiration to people at work in order to carry out their assigned duties. Direction is the essence of operations. It is a continuous function. A manager never ceases to direct, guide, teach, watch, and supervise his subordinate employees. Directing refers to defining and implementing an internal organizational environment highly conducive to utilizing human resources for the attainment of organizational objectives.

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