Interview your mentor or another organizational leader at an organization you select to determine their organization’s approach and their leadership approach to employee motivation, employee engagement/satisfaction, and employee performance.

Write an employee motivation plan that may be applied to a team in the organization. Address the theories of employee motivation, engagement/satisfaction, and performance And provide specific, concrete actions, programs, approaches you would use to put these theories into practice (The Yukl text has a Chapter that does that). Assume that the team has 10- 15 members with differing DiSC assessment profiles.


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The motivation plan for a team in the organization will comprise of numerous elements. In order to start with the plan, let us first understand some of the main motivational theories that will be used in formulation of this plan.

The first theory to be applied in this plan is Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory which is based on the premises that individuals are motivated by different kinds of needs existing in a hierarchical order. An individual is motivated is his unsatisfied needs are fulfilled. In this scenario, this theory works very well because each team member has a different Disc profile and thus, would be motivated by fulfilling different types of needs. For example, an individual in the team with a “D” profile would be looking to fulfill his self actualization needs, ie, he needs challenging and creative work to get motivated. Hence, we see that Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory will work very well in this scenario by guiding the organization to customize motivational tools and strategies as per varying needs of team members.

Another theory which will be implemented in our strategy is Herzberg’s two factor theory. As per this theory, motivation is affected by two different set of factors, ie, Hygiene factors and satisfiers. Factors such as salary, job security, etc. can be termed as hygiene factors because if such factors are not present, it can lead to dissatisfaction among the employees. Factors such as growth opportunities, empowerment and responsibilities, etc. are satisfiers which can lead to job satisfaction and motivation with their presence. Hence, in order to implement this theory, we need to ensure in our plan that we provide both set of factors to the team members.

Another theory used in our strategy is Adam’s equity theory, ie, ensuring balance between employee’s inputs and outputs. The motivation and morale levels …

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