Evaluating an International Human Resource Strategy For this assessment you will take the role of a HR manager, taking part in an internal evaluation of your international organisation’s human resource strategy and as a result produce a recommendations report for the HR Director. Please select an appropriate MNC of your choice. Your audit is from an ‘HR’ perspective as it is likely that the business will establish a joint venture in the new market which will require some staff to be recruited locally and also the relocation of some expatriate staff from within your organisation to manage the new venture alongside those of your joint venture partner. Evaluating an International Human Resource Strategy

Your report will highlight the following HR functions:

1. Recruitment and Selection
2. Training and Development
3. Reward Management
4. Performance Management
5. Employee Involvement

In addition the report should include: The purpose of the report -a brief overview of the selected sector for the last five years its developments and challenges & future needs: -text citations, bibliography. This assignment will assess all the learning outcomes for this module. 

Please see the attached document for further guidance. The executive summary is included in the 4000 words. 

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