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Week 5 – DQ 1 – Taking your Business Global; Post by MONDAY, Responses due Thursday

This Final Week . . . .

Your original DQ #1 post is due on or before MONDAY

Responses to other students’ original posts (for both DQ1 and DQ2) are due on THURSDAY night (which is last day of class).

For the first DQ of this last week of the class, I want you to imagine what considerations you would have if you were to take a local business to an international market. Select a business or make one up to complete this exercise. For example, if you wished to expand Big Sky Brewing Company to a foreign country what would you do? It would probably be best to have the beer contract manufactured in a local factory rather than shipping thousands of miles. This is alcohol, so what age restrictions do you face? How would you get your beer into pubs?Into retail stores?

Another example, if you were Ford Motor Company and wished to sell cars in England, New Zealand, Japan what would you have to do? First, you would have to place the driving wheel from the left side of the car to the right as they drive on the left side of the road. Should you export from the U.S. or manufacture locally? Will you use your own Ford dealerships or sell through a local auto maker’s dealership?


  • Original posts, 150-250 words, and
  • Responses should be significant, 50-100 words each


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