Reflecting upon the growth strategies. Explain why Innovation is the best growth strategy for small firms: Explain your answer by drawing on the relevant literature, theories, concepts, frameworks, and real examples. References should include a mix of journal articles, books, reports, popular media (newspaper and magazine articles, and website). Criteria; Clear introduction and statement of objectives of the reflective essay. Specifies the structuring of the reflective essay. Clear logical structure, paragraphs clearly sequenced and flowing from introduction. Excellent review of the theoretical concepts. Evidence that additional research has been undertaken, Theory and literature drawn from a range of sources. Theory has been analysed and/or concepts integrated to show understanding. The reflective essay shows a very confident application of academic theories, models, concept, framework and real examples and existing company examples. Exceptional evidence is provided from relevant and real case examples to fully review the theoretical concepts and/or show limitations. No error on refences and ensure the use of appendix. The reflective essay draws to conclusion logically referring back to the objectives. The reflective essay concludes with an overall viewpoint or perspective on the values of the learning. Please note: Do not include headings/subheadings on the structure. However ensure using words such as; firstly, secondly etc.

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