I. Research question
II. Literature review – Keep this section short and sweet.
III. Outcome variables – Depending on the technique utilized, you may have more than on DV (e.g., MANOVA). Also, depending on the method used, you may not have a DV (e.g., for all interdependence techniques).
IV. Main “drivers” of outcomes, or independent variables – Again, depending on the technique utilized, you may or may not have “independent variables.” Review “interdependence techniques. That said, the only interdependence technique we’ve discussed so far is factor analysis (for which we can still use DV and IVs if we wish).
V. Control variables – This depends on whether you are using a dependence or independence technique. If you are using a “dependence” technique w/ a DV and IVs, then elaborate here on control variables.
VI. Data – In addition to describing your date, please discuss how you obtained your sample. This addresses the problem of external validity. Also, make sure that you have an adequate number of respondents (or observations or units of analysis) given methods.
VII. Methods/models – In this section, describe the methods used in the context of design issues. Also, elaborate upon whether method-specific assumptions were violated.
VIII. Policy implications and/or conclusions

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