In this second step, you will gain practice finding CREDIBLE sources of health information about your Behavior Change Project topic that will directly support your behavior change efforts.


1. You will locate, read, and understand science-based research related to your behavior change. There is a Library Guide specifically designed to support your research efforts for this Behavior Change Project. This Library Guide is available in this guide to assist you in learning about the health-related databases and credible sources of information available to support your Behavior Change Project. The Library Guide for this project can be below:


A.) https://imgur.com/zIZAZtf

B.) https://imgur.com/q4LJ3bK

C.) https://imgur.com/VDKxCBu

D.) https://imgur.com/RXnsh3R

E.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEVftUdfKtQ

F.) https://imgur.com/0t0JJCa

G.) https://imgur.com/fDun7zu

H.) https://imgur.com/K1FLloY ** I highly suggest that you use the Library Guide referenced above!!! It will help you find Books, Articles in Periodical Databases, credible Websites, and Videos/DVDs to support your behavior change efforts. Googling your topic is NOT a good research approach; use the Library Guide to guide your research efforts.

2. After you locate and read several sources with the help of the Library Guide referenced above, you will narrow your research finds down to the four (4) best sources of information applicable to your Behavior Change Project. Because the purpose of your research is to find information you can apply to your behavior change process, at least two of your sources need to address strategies you can use to change your health behavior. For example, if a person selected the behavior of exercise to help with a long-term weight loss, having all four of their sources focused on the obesity epidemic in the United States will not work. While the obesity epidemic is important information to understand, it isn’t going to provide an individual with clear strategies on how he or she can successfully plan an exercise program to lose weight in a healthy manner.

**I want you to be intentional about your research. Determine what types of information will help you make your behavior change and then locate these types of information, instead of simply picking the first four sources you come across in your research.


3. Create an APA citation for EACH of your 4 sources. Help with correct APA citations can be found at: http://www.easybib.com/guides/citation-guides/apa-format/ **There’s this Noodle Bib – the electronic citation tool. Check Here: https://www.noodletools.com/ <<-This can help you for formatting an APA.

4. Below each of your 4 APA citations, write a summary for each of your 4 sources. You will integrate this information into the next step of your BCP (Step 3), so write good summaries now because it will help you incorporate specific information into your plan later. Your summary of EACH article should include:

· Summary of the information provided in the article.

· Explanation of why you believe this source is credible, using the CRAAP. The criteria discussed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=43&v=1wzK5G8skGU


5. Prepare your APA citation and your summary for each source of information in a Word document.

**View the sample below for a well-done Behavior Change Project ***

Last Name, First Name

As proposed in Behavior Change Project Step 1, my Behavior Change Project will focus on relaxation strategies to reduce my stress and anxiety levels. I have narrowed my research efforts down to the following 4 sources of information, which discuss mindfulness and yoga.


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